London and Essex Kent’s Farm Kennels and Cattery are saying goodbye to Ansel the Beagle this week who has spent 4 months in London and Essex Quarantine. Ansel flew into Heathrow from the Philippines and unfortunately, due to failing his blood tests, had to spend the full 4 month requirement in Quarantine.

Ansel’s family have been able to visit during his stay between 2pm and 4pm Monday-Saturday, with Kent’s Farm providing plenty of love and attention in the meantime.

Being a Beagle, Ansel loves his food and we have provided the food during his stay here, however owners are welcome to provide their own food and treats during their pets stay at Kent’s Farm.

Ansel is a cuddly dog and we shall certainly miss him and his bubbly personality but wish him all the best in his new home here in the UK.