Today, at Kent’s Farm, has been full of happiness and love as three of our Quarantine guests went home to their families!

Achi (puppy Corgi) flew into London Heathrow airport and unexpectedly needed a new rabies vaccination and to spend the required 21 days waiting period in Quarantine. His owner’s emailed our London and Essex Kent’s Farm team asking for further information about Quarantine and our pet taxi then collected Achi the next morning at 6am. He has been very loved, with his family visiting him as much as they could!

Smokey and Bandit required a titre blood test upon their arrival in the U.K., meaning they had to spend three months in our Quarantine facility. During their stay here our staff have sent plenty of photos and updates to their owner, so they always knew how Smokey and Bandit were doing, even when they were unable to visit.

No matter the duration of a Quarantine guests stay with us we ensure they get plenty of affection and quality time with our staff, this helps all our guests feel comfortable and safe.

If you feel your pet(s) may need to spend some time in Quarantine when they arrive in the U.K. then please call us on 01992 523499 or send an email to and we shall provide you with more information.