Gong-Gong flew into London Heathrow from the Philippines at the beginning of August and needed to spend three months in our Quarantine centre here at London and Essex Kent’s Farm as he travelled before the 3 months required wait after the rabies titre test. His owners called our office and we provided all of the information they needed and they booked his Quarantine stay with us and we organised all the import paperwork necessary for his flight.

During Gong-Gong’s stay with us his family visited as much as they could, due to COVID-19 all our Quarantine visitors have had to book in when they would like to visit, this has allowed us to reduce the number of visitors per afternoon, in line with the restrictions that are currently in place. When his family were unable to visit we sent plenty of photos, videos and updates of Gong-Gong during his stay at Kent’s Farm Quarantine centre.

Gong-Gong has been such a fabulous guest, he has brought such joy to our Quarantine centre with his huge personality craving the attention! Kent’s Farm wish him all the best.

If you think your pets may need to be Quarantined upon their arrival in the U.K. then please give us a call on 01992 523499 or send an email to office@lekf.co.uk and we can provide you with more information and a quote if necessary.