We have so many gorgeous puppies in our Quarantine centre kennels here at London and Essex Kent’s Farm it is making our work so enjoyable! All our staff are loving puppy play time, watching them grow and learning their personalities!

Many of these puppies have traveled from countries within the European Union, meaning they only need to receive a new rabies vaccination and stay the 21 day required waiting period before they can go home to their loving families. Whilst they are staying at Kent’s Farm in our Quarantine centre many of their owners have asked us to provide them with their puppy vaccinations, which is something our vet can do and then the puppies only need to wait a few more days at home before they are able to go outside and explore the world!

If you are planning to travel to the U.K. with your pet(s) and think they may need to spend some time in Quarantine then please call us on 01992 523499 or send an email to office@lekf.co.uk where we can advise you about the Quarantine process.