Everyone at London and Essex Kent’s Farm Kennels and Catteries would like to thank everyone working for the NHS, we appreciate everything you do.

We have been thinking how London and Essex Kent’s Farm can help support our NHS workers and their pets. It is a difficult and uncertain time, one where all NHS workers may feel they can’t spend the quality time with their animals.

We have a limited number of available kennels and cat pens that we would like to offer to the pets of NHS workers, with no charge until the end of May.

As a company, we have been taking every precaution and are following Government guidelines, including social distancing at work and washing our hands regularly. We are based in a rural area and have our own private 19 acres of paddock land, so we can still take all our boarding dogs for a country walk, all we would ask is for you to provide the food they need.

Whilst your beloved pets stay with us, we can send you plenty of pictures and updates of how they are by phone, email and messaging on social media.

If you are an NHS worker and feel this could help you and your pet(s) please give us a call on 01992 523499 or 01992 522183. If you are worried about how you may get to our kennels and cattery then please enquire about our collection and delivery service, where we can take all this stress away.