We have had a crazy and exhilarating summer here at Kent’s Farm whilst owners have been enjoying their exquisite holidays and we have plenty of beautiful photos to share with owners.

There have been some changes at London and Essex, including new uniforms and a new grooming room for dogs to be bathed and pampered. The new bath and shower have made it much easier for Kent’s Farm to clean dogs of all sizes and in the heat cool the dogs down with a sprinkling of water.

Quarantine has also been busy with plenty of dogs, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs entering and leaving our facilities from all over the world. Furthermore, London and Essex have exported two gorgeous dogs to Cyprus to be reunited with their family and are happy to hear that they landed safely.

Summer may be drawing to an end but Kent’s Farm is still busy, so if you are planning a holiday or looking to move abroad in 2019 please don’t forget to book your beloved pet to stay with us.

For further information please contact us on 01992 523499 or office@lekf.co.uk