As temperatures rise for the summer months it is important to ensure that all animals are kept cool to avoid heat stroke. In 2018 the hot weather caused 58 animals deaths so here are some ways to keep your pet cool: restricting exercise, don’t leave pets in the car, ensuring drinking water and shade is always available and walking animals early in the morning or later in the evening. These few steps will help avoid your beloved pet from getting heat stroke. In the event that they do get heat stroke it is important to move them somewhere cool, offer small amounts of tepid water, use wet towels to cool them down and contact your vet as soon as possible.

Summer is upon us and the kennels and chalets here at London and Essex Kent’s Farm Kennels and Cattery provide cool surroundings where water is always available and they are fully shaded, allowing your pets to feel safe, comfortable and cool in the rising temperatures. In order to ensure the animals we are looking after stay comfortable in the heat we have been keeping them cool by lightly sprinkling them with water on their chest and back to lower their body temperature in this summer heatwave.