It has been a very busy week here at London and Essex Kent’s Farm Quarantine facilities with our drivers rushing out last minute on separate occasions to collect two dogs for Quarantine.

Andy collected one handsome Retriever cross Husky from London Heathrow airport because his rabies vaccination was invalid before flying from America. The vet has given him a new rabies vaccination and now he will have to wait 21 days before he can be released back home.

Yesterday, Perry collected the second gorgeous Tibetan Mastiff from Lakenheath who has also had a new rabies vaccination and needs to spend 21 days in Quarantine after having her original rabies vaccination too early.

These pooches’ owners can visit them in Quarantine between 2pm and 4pm Monday to Saturday and in the meantime our staff will provide them with plenty of affection.

If you think that your pet(s) may need to spend some time in Quarantine when they arrive in the U.K. then give us a call on 01992 523499 or send an email to <>