This has been a busy summer for London and Essex Kent’s Farm Kennels and Cattery as we have said goodbye to many of our Quarantine guests and welcome a new Guinea Pig.

Here are the stories of our departed guests…
Frieda the Rabbit flew from Dubai and after her mandatory 4 month stay in Quarantine, due to the regulations put in place by D.E.F.R.A., she has now left Kent’s Farm and is able to run in the garden in her new UK home.
Mango the Cat spent 21 days in Quarantine due to her microchip failing to read at Heathrow, meaning her vaccinations could not be matched to her. Mango spent time here at Kent’s Farm to receive a new microchip and a new rabies vaccination and now she is reunited with her fury friend.
Yazzi the Jack Russell and Bella the Beagle have left the Kent’s Farm Quarantine facilities after spending 4 months here due to paperwork discrepancies and then failing their blood tests. Their dedicated owner has visited every day possible and now they are happily reunited with their Beagle friend in their new home in the UK.

Whilst all of these animals have left the London and Essex Quarantine facility we are happy to welcome Hammie the Guinea Pig who has flown from Seattle and will be spending the required 4 months in Quarantine.

The rules and regulations for animals to enter the UK vary from the type of pet you own, to where you are flying from and the different vaccinations that are required, for further information, guidance and support please contact us on 01992 523499 or via email