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We offer a complete service
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We have all of the
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to help your pet emigrate

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Taking your pet abroad

Export – The Process

  1. Simply fill out the contact form here, and we will put a quote together and contact you with details.
  2. We arrange all the documentation
  3. Then we prepare the cosy cabin
  4. Next we book the flight
  5. Finally, we organise collection or delivery of your pet to us for a safe, secure and comfortable onward journey.

1 DETAILS First we need some details about your move, by contacting our export department you will be asked a number of specific questions;

What is the breed and name of your pet we will be transporting?
Size and weight of your pet?
Country and airport we will be exporting to?
Once we have this information, we will be able to provide a fully inclusive quote, explaining the process and how much it will cost.

  • DETAILS – contact form

About you
About your pet
About your journey
Your contact details
Click here to fill in the contact form

  • DOCUMENTATION We can arrange all the necessary documentation including Rabies certificates, Pet Passports, customs and excise forms, import permits for the destination country, export paperwork for DEFRA, veterinary test certificates, fitness to fly forms, treatment declarations, blood test results and owner declarations.

The requirement for documentation varies depending on the animal and which country it is entering.

  • FLIGHT ARRANGEMENTS Your pet can travel on the same flight as you, or if you prefer, you can become settled in your new home and we will look after your pet and fly them out at a later date.

London and Essex Kent’s Farm International Pet Travel are registered with IATA, IPATA and are DEFRA approved, so all necessary procedures can be carried out quickly and efficiently.

We have long-standing relationships with both airports and airlines that handle pet transport so can book any flight that will take pets. We will endeavour, where possible, to arrange a simple flight schedule which is as direct as possible.

Your pet will travel in the aircrafts hold – in an area that is pressurised, heated, dimly lit with a supply of fresh water, this helps to settle them into their surroundings. Their cosy-cabin will have enough room for them to stand up, turn around and lie down with special bedding that neutralise urine. It is recommended not to feed your pet prior to a morning flight, but if they are flying in the evening then a light breakfast is acceptable, the reason for this is to try and avoid them passing faeces while in their cabin.


  • THE JOURNEY Our pet taxi can pick your pet up from your door and bring them to Kent’s Farm, where we ensure their cosy cabin is the right size and all paperwork is in order. If you prefer you can bring your pet directly to us, whichever suits your travel plans. In any event, your London and Essex Kent’s Farm International travel expert will ensure all paperwork is correct and that your pet is comfortable, safe and secure to travel.

If you are travelling before your pet, we can accommodate them at our bespoke accommodation at Kent’s Farm for as long a stay as you need.

Our pet travel expert will ensure all the appropriate paperwork accompanies your pet.


2 DOCUMENTATION Once we know where and when your pet will be travelling, we can arrange all the necessary documentation including Pet Passports, customs clearance, import permits, veterinary tests and owner declarations.

3 TRAVEL ACCOMMODATION We will then arrange a cosy cabin for your pet to travel in. All transport crates are tailored to the occupant with specialist bedding to ensure a safe, comfortable and secure environment while on their travels.

4 FLIGHT ARRANGEMENTS We will then book a flight. Your pet can travel on the same flight as you, or if you prefer, you can become settled in your new home and we will look after your pet and fly them out at a later date.

5 THE JOURNEY Our pet taxi can pick your pet up from your door and bring them to Kent’s Farm, where we ensure their cosy cabin is the right size and all paperwork is in order. If you prefer you can bring your pet directly to us, whichever suits your travel plans. In any event, your London and Essex Kent’s Farm International travel expert will ensure all paperwork is correct and that your pet is comfortable, safe and secure to travel.


With regard to Pet Passports your cat or dog must be microchipped for identification purposes first and then vaccinated against Rabies. When this has been done your vet can issue the EU pet passport. 21 days after the Rabies vaccination your pet will be eligible for travel within the EU. If a blood test is needed, this must be carried out at least 30 clear days after the Rabies vaccination.

If you would prefer to carry out the paperwork and collate all the necessary information yourself, we can guide you on what you need to do when we know the details of where you are going. Alternatively, you can leave all of that to us as part of our comprehensive pet export service.


Pets should NOT be sedated in any way prior to the flight. This is because we can not guarantee how certain drugs will affect animals in pressurised conditions. Also, as the effects of sedatives will not last for the duration of the journey, your pet may find the experience more frightening if they ‘come round’ while in transit.

We will provide you with tracking and contact details for the handling agents at the destination, so that you can arrange collection. Once all the checks have been completed and approved, and you have cleared customs you can collect your pet from the cargo area at the airport.

  • TRAVEL ACCOMMODATION We want to ensure your beloved pet has the safest, most comfortable, secure journey possible and that is why we provide cosy cabins to specifically suit the size, breed and age of your pet. The right size is essential for your pet’s welfare, we don’t want them to be cramped or feel insecure while they are travelling, they will be able to lie down, stand up and turn around in the cabin we provide.

Special bedding is provided, however, if you would like your pet to be accompanied by their familiar bedding, a special blanket or a t-shirt/towel that smells of home, these are allowed. Chews, toys and collars are not permitted as they are considered a choking hazard. Collars can be attached to the outside of the cosy cabin.

dog on couch with lead

Frequently Asked Questions

What treatment does my pet need to have before traveling abroad?

What your pet needs to travel abroad varies from country to country. As a minimum it’s a good idea to have your pet microchipped and vaccinated against rabies as this is required for most countries. You’re welcome to give the London and Essex Kents Farm export team a ring to find out more.

Can my pet travel with me in the airplane cabin?

When flying out of the UK your pet must travel as cargo and wouldn’t be allowed to fly in the cabin with you unless he or she is a service pet or guide dog.

Can London and Essex Kents Farm arrange all the paperwork?

Yes! We can apply to DEFRA for your export health certificate and also apply to the destination country for an import permit. We can get you a pet passport and also arrange a pre-flight health check where our vet would come and visit your pet, complete the export health certificate and ensure your pet is in good health and fit to fly.

Can London and Essex Kents Farm provide a crate to travel my pet in?

Yes we can! We have a range of IATA approved sky carriers in all sizes and can even get customs carriers made if you have an unusually large dog or if you’re travelling pets like rabbits, guinea pigs and birds.

Can we fly before our pets?

Yes you can fly to your destination before your pets do. You’re welcome to board them here with us at our 5* luxury kennels and cattery until you are settled in and ready to welcome them.

Terms & Conditions

All charges are subject to VAT.

Payments – most major credit cards.

London & Essex Kents Farm Kennels & Catteries Ltd reserves the right to add 2% surcharge to credit card payments.

All boarding dates booked are chargeable unless 7 days notice is given which also includes entry day and departure day.

In cases of cancellation, all deposits are non refundable.

Payments in respect of each animal must be paid in full prior to delivery or collection. Exports; all invoices must be paid with clear funds before Export.

London & Essex Kents Farm Kennels & Catteries Ltd (The company) reserves the right to surcharge outstanding accounts at 10% per month on all late payments.

All charges are subject to change without notice.

Vaccination fees, special diets and all further treatment where required, will be charged to your account.

Any veterinary attention necessary whilst an animal is under our care will be charged to the owner. A veterinary surgeon visits six days a week.

In the event of any veterinary treatment, a 15% surcharge will be added to veterinary costs.

Our trained staff (if required) can give daily medication. Additional charges will be added to your invoices as per price list.

Under extreme circumstances should the owner fall into serious arrears, the company shall be at liberty to make alternative arrangements of the animals without any further notice to the owner other than final demand sent by recorded delivery to last know address to the owner or his/her representative.

Prices quoted apply at time of writing and could be subject to change at any time.


Vaccination certificates must be shown on entry to Kennels & Catteries. We will not take animals without up to date certificates. Any pet requiring vaccinations LEKF reserve the right to vaccinate.

Dogs must have been vaccinated against Distemper and Parvo-virus within the last 12 months.

Cats must have been vaccinated against feline Enteritis and cat flu within the last 12 months.

Canine cough: (kennel cough) customers should consult their vets as to what precautions can be taken against KC. We are unable to detect a carrier of the virus entering our kennels. (We recommend INTRAC as a deterrent against KC. This protects against the major cause of KC, which can easily enter the kennel through an apparently healthy dog carrying the condition).

Pets insurance; by arrangement with your own personal insurer.

Special diets can be catered for. Cost of such diets will be debited to owners invoice.

Clipping, stripping and shampooing can be arranged with our resident canine beautician. Charges payable to our canine beautician.

You may bring any items of food, bedding, playthings etc for your pet, please note L.E.K.F. Ltd do not accept any responsibility for their condition or safe return.

Boarding/Exports/Imports/Quarantine; we can only accept your pets upon receipt of our conditions signed “Terms & Conditions” together with agreed deposit.

It is the responsibility of the owner to ensure that all paperwork under the EU pet passport scheme/imports & early release are all correct and up to date. LEKF take no responsibility for incorrect paperwork.

The carrying agents fee is based on full arrival details being advised to the company at least 5 working days in advance and for collection during normal office hours. Weekend and out of office hours collection will incur extra charges.

In the event of delays in excess of 2 hours, an hourly waiting charge will be incurred.

Out of hours charges relating to Airport/Ports etc will incur additional costs.

Whilst all animals are given every care and attention, the company accept no liability for accidents or illness of any animals.

Whilst every effort is made to house your pet in the size chalet or kennel you request, the company reserve the right to allocate chalets or kennels as they deem appropriate.

Boarding “Privilege” cards are issued to regular customers. When bookings are made using a privilege card a deposit is not required. A vacancy is not guaranteed by card if kennels/cattery are fully booked.

Boarding pet drop off times anytime between:-

Monday to Saturday: 9:30 am – 12:30 or 2 O‘clock – 4:30 pm

Sunday 9:30 am – 12:00 (Closed Sunday and all bank holidays)

Boarding and Quarantine pet visiting times

Monday to Saturday 2 O‘clock – 4 pm (Closed Sunday and all bank holidays)

Exports Department
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Opening Times:
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Sun 9:30 – 12:00 UK time
Closed Sunday afternoon and Bank Holidays.

or phone Kents Farm Kennels and Cattery on 01992 522183/523499

Pet Exports Enquiry form

Please note that no booking is taken on a definite basis until this form has been submitted, along with the receipt of your deposit.